Mars Timr

A Conclusion of Mars Time

Curiosity: 27M (Sol 27) 18:14 LMST

Earth: September 2, 2012 19:23 PDT

Well here we are; we’ve gone all the way around the clock (and then some)!  This truly has been the adventure of a lifetime!  As a family, we’ve grown much closer together.  As for our adventures, we feel like we’ve taken a vacation.  

LA has a whole night world that is invisible during the day.  By going on Mars time, we’ve visited that world, interacted with it, and come back.  In this way, we’ve had a vacation that many kids our age have never experienced.

Curiosity landed, and this adventure allowed us to take a part in it!  We’ve gotten to experience some of what the people who created it have experienced.  I feel uniquely privileged to have done this.

Now it’s time to move on.  For me this means 8th grade and Lego Robotics (Go Golden Gears!)  My sister is moving to 6th grade, and my brother to 3rd.  We hope to pursue science, and we hope that someday we’ll be the ones sending things into outer space!  We’ll miss Mars time and the world it opened to us, but we welcome the people and friends we get to see again!

Lastly, I have some thanks to give:  Thank you Dad for all you do at JPL and at home!  Thanks Mom for taking care of us and having so much patience while on Mars time!  Thanks to all 56 of my Tumblr followers for their loyalty.  Finally, thanks to all of you 17,000+ readers who have kept us going! (I didn’t think I could break 1000 readers!)

Thank you all and remember, “Dare mighty things!”

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