Mars Timr

Around the World in 30 Days

Mars: 19M (Sol 19) 19:45 LMST

Earth: August 15, 2012 15:39 PDT

Well here we are with a schedule that is quickly becoming normal!  Dad has a quote that he uses to describe th Mars time concept.  He likens Mars time as to jumping a time zone every day, and going around the world in 30 days.  We are currently in Reykjavik, Iceland and solmorrow will be over the Atlantic.  Up next is St. John (Newfoundland), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and then Boston, here in the USA!

These pictures are of us shopping for last minute school supplies and eating dinner (at noon) at the local Panera Bread.  (Bty, the Time magazine is about Mars!)  Both happened during the day with lots of other people.  Sadly our nighttime adventures are coming to an end.

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